Fluid Systems for life science & medical devices

Fluid Manifold Subassemblies

Pneumatic & liquid handling systems for life science and medical devices


Microfluidic subassemblies enable engineers to design shorter flow paths for lower reagent consumption and overall smaller laboratory and medical instrumentation.

Leak Proof

Manifold sub assemblies limit the number of leak points and fittings within a system leading to a more robust system design and better instrument performance.

Ease of Integration

Manifold subassemblies with components already mounted, can be plugged into a machine with a few connections to reduce assembly time, labor, and connection errors.


Manifold subassemblies allow for easier maintenance for responsive field support and lower instrument downtime.

IMI Precision Engineering

Experts in fluidics subassembly design and manufacturing


IMI has broad experience in fluid handling products and applications. Our team comes from a wide variety of technical backgrounds in engineering, science, and manufacturing. We understand scientific challenges, develop solutions, and deliver high quality products.


We work with engineers and scientists to develop solutions to tackle their fluid handling challenges. We understand specifications can change over time, so we have the flexibility to modify project scope and technical requirements to meet the ever changing needs of your product launch.

Vertically Integrated

Most sub assembly components are manufactured by IMI at our ISO 9001:2015 facilities. This ensures quality, communication, and seamless integration of components into a unique, robust sub assembly built upon tried and tested technology.

About IMI Precision Engineering

A world leader in motion and fluid control technologies.

We are a world leader in motion and fluid control technologies. Wherever precision, speed and engineering reliability are essential, we deliver exceptional solutions which improve the productivity and efficiency of our customers’ equipment. As a business, we aim to understand our customers’ challenges. We then connect our products, people and expertise in order to deliver exceptional service and solutions. These improve the performance of our customers’ machinery. We call this Engineering GREAT, and we deliver it to customers through a world-class portfolio of high performance products, through close partnerships and problem-solving, and through a global network of support which ensures reliable local delivery, all over the world.

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